Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I get for $150?

A: As a member you get:

  • Ownership
  • Voting Rights; run for a position on the board or sit on a committee
  • Priority Access to special beers
  • Input on which beer the brewery produces and direct feedback on beer
  • Member only tastings and member appreciation events
  • Newsletter (Mailing List) access
  • Discounts on beer, growlers, kegs, brewing supplies, and educational workshops
  • Member rewards & perks that may include t-shirts, pint glasses, and referral rewards

Q: Are there any ongoing fees?

A: No.  The membership fee is a one time fee.  The only additional money you’ll pay is for the beer itself! 

Q: When will the brewpub be up and running?

A: It depends on how soon we raise the necessary funds.  We’re aiming for a contract brew or two in 2015 and being operational in 2016.

Q: How do I invest?

A: If you’d like to invest more than $150 dollars in the brewery, please contact a board member.  We will be arranging member loans.

Q: Are you a non-profit?

A: First, we are a business just like any other.  Technically yes, we are a non-profit, in that dividends will not be paid out to members, but folded back into the company & beer instead.  Your local co-op grocery store & gas station is also technically a non-profit.

Q: Why won’t members receive patronage dividends?

A: It is prohibitively difficult administratively to record how much beer each member purchases.  All beer is required to be sold through the SLGA, we can’t ask them or any other seller to accept Temperance Brewing Co-op member cards and pass this information on to us.

Don’t worry, we’ll find other ways to reward members.  🙂

Q: Why a co-op?

A: The co-operative business structure allows an the brewery to be accessible to anyone who wishes to own a brewery.   It also allows us to make the best beer possible, employ more people, and foster a community of future brewers.